Music Study Essentials!

Key, Staff, Scale and Chord Cards

  • Zip or PDF file with Cards covering all 30 Keys
  • Screen(Standard) or Print(High) quality
  • Bonus! Web App for easy key navigation
  • Online Docs - Music theory behind the Cards
  • Buy as an eGift for someone else

Learning Music ?

Need the details, fast ?

Key cards are a unique set of 150, clear, colorful, high quality images (5 per musical key).

Get these reference Key cards in a single PDF file, or as image files in a zip file.

Get your focus back onto the fun part - making music!

Quickly identify related keys, scales, chords and chord progressions in any key.

Navigate FAST around the Circle of 4ths/5ths using the web app.

The online docs show the Key card details, and how to use them kick-start your musicality.

Key Card

Key Card

Most closely related keys for composition

Note Names & Chord Functions

Key Signatures

Enharmonic key relationships (same sound/frequency, different note names)

Staff Card

Staff Card

Note Names and numbers

Scale Degrees

Staff positions across 3 octaves of the Bass and Treble clef

Scale Card

Scale Card

Note Names, Numbers & Piano Key Positions

For major keys, Mode associated with each scale degree eg. 1/Ionian

For minor keys, the natural, harmonic and melodic minor note names

Chords Card

Staff Card

Chord Notes for Triads, 7ths, 9th, 11th and 13th chords

Scale Chords

Chord functions using roman numerals eg I, ii, III to identify the chord's purpose

Chord Progressions Card

Staff Card

Formulas for chord motion between Scale Chords

Triad Chord Notes for each step

Example Chord Progressions

Web App

Works both Online and Offline

Web App Navigation

Easy access to any Circle of 5ths key from side menu

Web App Navigation

Colored buttons navigate to the nearest keys

Navigate left to 4th scale degree, right to 5th, both major and minor

Navigate down to relative minor, up to relative major

Swipe to view Key, Staff, Scale, Chord and Progression cards in current Key

Online Docs

Staff Card

All 5 cards described in detail

Music Theory concepts linking the cards

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Staff Card

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