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Music Theory Key Cards

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What are Key Cards ?

A 60 card deck of reference cards with details of all musical keys.

Covers 15 Major keys(black) + 15 Minor keys(green).

KeySense Circle of 5ths

What's shown for each key ?

The cards follow the structure of the circle of 5ths.

Key relationships and signatures

Scale note names on Piano

3 Octaves on Bass and Treble clef

Diatonic scale chords

For Music Students..

60 cards packed with essential key information

Note Identification

The key's diatonic note names, and their staff positions across 3 octaves of the bass and treble clef.

Key Signatures

Sharp and Flat note position indicators on the bass and treble clef.

Key Relationships

The closest / most useful related keys for composition, on the Circle of 5ths.

Enharmonic key relationships (same sound/frequency, different note names).

Scale Degrees

Tonic, Supertonic, Mediant etc.

Chord Functions

Using roman numerals eg I, ii, III to name and identify the chord's purpose.

Piano Scales

For major keys, including Mode associated with each major scale degree eg. 1/Ionian

For minor keys, the natural, harmonic and melodic minor note names.

Diatonic Chords

The note names used in triad, 7ths, 9th, 11th and 13 chords.

KeySense Key Cards Sheet Music

For Musicians..

Mastering your keys will gain you flexibility, respect and a better ear.


Be the useful musician that can quickly transpose and adapt to a different key to suit everyone around you.

A better ear

Some songs/parts just sound better by being in one key versus another, either because of actual frequency/resonance and/or register.

Expore the feel of the sound within you as you play the same thing in different keys.


Depending on your instrument, the octave steps / shifts / fingering might favour one key versus another.

Explore possibilities and limitations, then know what works best for a given situation.


Different keys force us to listen and think more in terms of key/interval relationships and structure, rather than note names and muscle memory in a given key.

The more we practice in different keys, the clearer this structure becomes, and the faster we learn and apply it to different keys.

Then we can build our muscle memory across different keys.


As we explore different keys, we test the limits of our instrument and our physical playing of it.

We can try (as far as possible) to understand and stretch these limitations, and to play the music faithfully, regardless of key.


To learn, listen and move between different instruments without having the instrument / musician's natural key being the limiting factor.

KeySense Key Cards Instrument

For Music Teachers..

A flexible, portable music theory reference resource.

  • Use as Drill cards
  • Use as Quiz cards
  • Use as Flash cards
  • Use as Game cards

As a Musical Gift..

A compact, tidy, colorful, useful gift for any amateur or pro musician.

A real, physical gift to unwrap, enjoy, and return to, in the digital age.

No batteries, no ads, won't crash.

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